FFirst Real Post!

Sso this is my first real post. I’m going to start it off with a little bit of what I intend to do… I like Movies, Music, Video Games, and I love talking about them. I’m going to do that here, along with all other types of social media that I feel I should share. Videos or short films I find online, music or freeware games, if I think it’s worth talking about, I’m going to share it. To start, I’m listening to this right now:


It’s some good stuff… I know a lot of new comers to Dubstep hate on the original music and live for the remixes, so those of you like that should be glad to know that this is mostly rap/hiphop remixed with Dubstep. It’s good stuff. Really digging it. It’s something like 28 tracks, but they’re actually just one set broken into 28 tracks, so listen to it straight and you get a healthy set.

I know there’s no one reading this yet, but whomever crosses it, welcome! I hope you enjoy my blog. It will see updates and changes as time passes.


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