The Black Keys? Yes Please!


So I heard the Black Keys for the first time at the release of GTA IV without realizing. At the time, they were anonymous blues rock band on the intentionally self deprecating hipster radio station to highlight the pretentious, thick rimmed, PBR drinking fan base of every band you’ve heard of in the last 3 years.

I didn’t really pay too much attention, they sounded cool but didn’t bring out the must download in me. Then one night I’m watching Letterman, and the juiciest, thickest sound I’ve ever heard come out of a 2 piece bombards my ears like the Galactica pointing flack at the incoming Cylon fleet. Bash bash bash, steel goes flying, sound of the rain admiral. Shit is tight.

When I hear the sticks slap the drums I see colors splash and spill on to my imagination, the vacuum black room becomes painted with sounds of a glorious, thick beat and I’m in heaven. Brothers is the best thing of 2010.

Give it a google.


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