Steppin’ Dubs

So it keeps coming up, I find myself listening to it more and more, and it’s going to be a regular on our radios and in our clubs any minute now so I decided I’d do a little piece.

Dubstep is essentially a skinny, long haired, english hooligan raping your ears with the most busted sound you will ever have the displeasure of hearing. And after the shock from first encounter, you will be struck with the most repulsive, revolting stockholme syndrome. Your head will ache. You’ll want to tear your own skin off. You’ll want to jump so high you fracture your skull on the pipes on the ceiling of this shitty, seedy, underground dungeon you call the club. You will be in love with the harshest, most inconsiderate lover of your life, and you will not bat a fucking eyelash. Your senses will be shot. Your eyes will be shot. You’ll wish you were shot. You’ll probably think you were shot.

It’s like when you get bit while fucking. Or imagine loving how it hurt when you were carrying a couch and you dropped your end on your toe. It’s like that. It’s infectious. It’s an invisible, undetectable scent floating in the atmosphere. You will catch a whiff, and then you’ll want to sink your nose into it’s asshole. Just bury it there. It’s the filthiest, most pleasurable fetish you will ever revel in.

And it’s so easy to find. Google it. Youtube. Pick a good song, or a nice theme and add Dubstep, and you’re good. Every song you listen to will branch into atleast 3 new producers or tracks, which will each lead to more, and thats where your journey begins, down the mucky, damp, rabbit hole I call the internet and it’s new love affair with this massive sound.

My first post actually featured a night of Dubstep with some LA sounds in it to mix it up, some hip hop or rap mixing in to give it a bit more of a south central smoothness, so if you’re interested, do look.

If you want something else, here’s some stuff I favorited on Youtube.

If you like it, keep digging. If not, no problem.

If you’ve got suggestions, if you’ve got opinions, don’t be shy. Feel free to post in the comments. Thanks for reading.


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