So, somehow, to this day, people still don’t know who M83 is. I guess that’s understandable, I don’t know when their last (or next) show in Toronto or Canada was, and they don’t have a radio friendly kind of sound, so you can only expect so much, but I heard of these guys a long while ago. Either way, they just released a new CD, and their back collection is not hard to find, so I suggest everyone take a look.

Hurry Up We’re Dreaming, their sixth album, is good. It’s like all of their stuff, very dream, almost ambient electronic sounds, with vocals and some instrumentation. It’s all very mood setting, good meditation music. With Hurry Up We’re Dreaming, and their last album, Saturdays = Youth, they’ve added a bit more pop to the sound to get a bit more mainstream appeal (I would imagine). This hurt Saturdays = Youth for me, granted I’ve only listened to it 2 or 3 times. Either way, it was trying to be a trendsetter and bring back the 80s synth sounds we miss oh so much. I didn’t miss it, and it just made it painful to listen too. I like to imagine falling when listening to M83, not strutting down Miami Beach with Neon Signs burning my retinas (Yes, the most I know of the 1980s is Vice City).

Hurry Up We’re Dreaming doesn’t have as much of the 80s throwback (it is still there), it has a more contemporary sound blended into it’s synths, and so is much more like their previous work; ambient, exciting, swelling sounds exploding in your soul, changing your heart rate with every drummachine beat. The vocals are as gorgeous as they’ve ever been, I won’t speak for their lyrics because I don’t really pay attention to what they’re saying (the voice is just an instrument to me). Either way, their eclectic monkey sounds, repetitive hooks and smooth jazz guitars tear through the hoopla to string you into an alternate dimension, where 2080 and 1980 have overlapped, and everyone’s hair sucks, but they all carry iPad 9Ss, so it’s kind of cool.

Like I said earlier, M83 is meditation to me. If I’m listening to it, I’m not paying attention to my surroundings. I’m building a montage of action scenes and muted dramatic fights (in slow motion) in my head or imagining free falling,  so don’t get in my way, I will trip into you. If you desire the same kind of escape from the clutter of the everyday, do yourself a favour; download Hurry Up We’re Dreaming, and even the rest of their stuff. It only get’s better. Seriously, their first couple of albums are pure gold.



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