Brazilian Girls

It’s deceptive I know! Isn’t it great?

I’m in an ambient mood today, which is why I decided to post about Brazilian Girls, a group from New York City who has one song which I was listening too but have made enough songs to warrant me talking about them.

The song in question is Mano De Dios. I guess the band isn’t as popular as I thought, because I couldn’t find a link to the song on Youtube, but I do have the album it came off here.

New York City is their 2008 album and like all their albums is a weird electro-synthy pop but not like M83 and not like MGMT or Animal Collective either, it’s excited but not too fast paced. It has a nice rhythm, the vocals are awesome and the subject matter is often pretty awesome. I like to imagine things when listening to music, this group illicits some awesome visions. They’re really geographically inclined, you’ll notice, with tracks like St. Petersburg and Internacional on this album, and tracks like Berlin on another, amongst many others. Noveau Americain is probably where most people start when it comes to this band, off a trailer for Grand Theft Auto IV (Rockstar and their New York underground scene, whodathunk).

Anyway, check them out, they might be your taste.



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