The Yelling

So I google these guys, and I find out myspace still exists. Whodathunk?

The Yelling is a band I heard a while ago, and they haven’t really made any music since then besides their EP. I’ll be completely honest, “Blood on the Steps” is great but their other stuff isn’t quite as exciting, although does carry some of “Blood on the Steps”  signature ring. The band isn’t one of my favorites, but it may be one of yours so I suggest listening to the whole thing if you get a chance.

If there is anything I love about music is finding the unique sounds and voices – the ones that you haven’t heard elsewhere and still have not been recreated it. I don’t know if this song is in a league entirely of it’s own, but it definitely has me thinking so.

The song is energetic and exciting. It gets the blood pumping and is great to bring along a run or maybe play in the back while dropping shoryukens in Street Fighter. Give it a listen.

The Yelling released an EP in 2009 with 5 tracks. Don’t know why they haven’t done anymore, and nobody really knows about them. You can find their EP on iTunes though, that’s where I got it.


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