Tyler, BBNG

You’ve already heard of him, I’m sure. But where is he going? I know he’s going to swear less, and he’s going to drop the sociopath/murderer angle soon too. I’m okay with that though, because I just like the honesty and cleverness of his stuff more then anything. So what will Tyler sound like next? I’ve got an idea. He’s said on Twitter his next work is going to sound more jazzy, and more like the bands that influenced his music to begin with. Not a bad prospect, seeing as OFWGKTA is remodeling what a rap track has to sound like, he can do it again I’m sure, and with the help of BBNG, they’re poised too.

This is “Seven” by BadBadNotGood and Tyler, The Creator

This is SHE, covered by BBNG

And this is FISH, BBNG and Tyler

You can get any of Tyler’s or Odd Future’s work on the internet with some digging, much of it from their official tumblr. EARL’s stuff is some of the best. Bastard is my personal favorite of Tyler’s official albums.

Fish is one of my favorite tracks right now, and the sound this group is producing, this is full collaboration material. Let’s hope we get much more in the coming months.


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