Homeworld – The Music

Ambient/Ethnic/Tribal drum music is great. It’s the backbone of BSG, all its atmosphere can be attributed to the success of its score. And BSG’s atmosphere was entirely inspired by an amazing Space Strategy game from the early 2000s known as Homeworld.
Homeworld 1 and 2 are dramatic, moody games with a space opera feel, and a deep sea sound. Radio chatter, massive fleets and battleships and an extremely potent plot guides us through it’s many nooks and crannies, and it’s flavor is all brought together by Paul Ruskay’s score.

Funny thing about Video Games, some of the most creative and talented composers find themselves there (Paul Ruskay was painter) for scores, and it leads to such great returns.  You may not be a big gamer, but some of the best music around can be found in gaming’s halls.

The game may not be your taste, you command fleets in a vast star ocean. But if it interests you, I suggest you find it and play it. In the meantime, the reason why I even started talking about it:


I recently uploaded the score for the second one, both of them can be found on youtube and various websites if you’re interested. Here’s a sample from the first game:


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