More Music 2

To cleanse the palette after some grimey rinse, try this:

Summer Frights by KIDS is something of an indie rock/pop album with an AMAZING cover of Be My Baby by the Ronettes. It’s faithful while bringing a new energy that makes it much more anthemic, and shoutable because of it’s natural and visceral sound. The whole album is pretty great, being inoffensive, bright and just really clean. KIDS  is a free download from their Bandcamp Site and I have it right here.  If you’d like they have the Cassette (seriously) of the album available for $5 on the bandcamp site, so that’s one way to support the artists. But I’d say, with a band like this, they’re counting more on how many people you introduce to them than how many cassettes you buy, so share it around.

Their sound is poppy indie rock, but they have a lo-fi garage rock sound also. You can hear the echo of her voice in the cement walls of her basement. It’s really pretty great.

Sound off in the comments if it’s your taste.


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