Writing For the Nets: A Blog is Fine Too

Writing is a funny thing. It takes some talent and skill and a lot of understanding. For me it’s like a puzzle. Certain words need to go in certain places to illustrate certain ideas and have a functional and effective paragraph. And then all the paragraphs have to lead in and out of each other. It’s a design, and it’s nature for the best writers. But even the best novelist may have trouble holding an audience like Fark or Reddit readers. Although writing is taught, it takes many forms, and the best novelist, journalist or essayist will have some trouble competing with the best blogger.

Blog writing is a new breed of writing. It takes a new mindset – you’re writing for an audience that is much more casual, it’s a medium that readers can interact with and it’s for an extremely broad sampling of people and on top of all that – it’s near instant. No matter where in the world, they will have access, so you have to keep in mind who’s listening. At the same time, blog writing can be more specific, with all the people on the internet, you find plenty of niches that need catering too, and so my writing on this blog may not hit the ‘big time’ like many of the blogs we’ve all heard about (i.e. trash celebrity gossip blogs).

Writing for the internet, in blog format or any other affords different advantages (and disadvantages) for it’s writers and readers that can’t be found anywhere else. For example, humor is much more common. Generally satire is very popular. hyperlinking and networking with multiple other sources becomes integral, and of course, the ease and accessibility of images on the internet means the entry can be more engaging. And the nature of the internet means it’s always instant.

Polaroids are a lot like the Internet...

Polaroids are a lot like the Internet...

Essentially, a blog post is as much about the text as it is it’s context. With a google search on click away, accuracy and speed is paramount to a blog post.

Maybe that’s why nobody reads my blog.


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