Birdy Nam Nam – The Parachute Ending, And Music Videos in General

Music Videos are easily one of the best things ever made. Honestly, if I ever made a feature film, my signature, and probably why I will never become a (successful) film maker, is because every time I use music I want to just do a music video. I don’t want a backing track, I want an experience. The music has to match the tone and the action and everything. It has to have it’s own plot and fit within the grand scheme as well. But it doesn’t have to be the same movie you were just watching.

Music Videos are an Art Form. Countless directors started there, two of my favorites being David Fichner and Francis Lawrence. Both visionaries, both bringing a unique, distinct visual edge to their work that many will agree is beyond many directors level of talent. The reason they make movies is because they can also tell great stories, as well as make them look great.

Here’s a recent one I came across, that inspired this post. Maybe later I’ll write a little love letter to animation as well, another art form that I love so dearly.



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