Walking off a Cliff: University

Maybe I’m smart enough. Maybe I can cut. Maybe I’m the one who deserves it, and everyone else are the idiots being fooled. Maybe. Maybe not.

Maybe I’m being scammed and I signed my name right under the “consent to an ass-fucking” clause. Maybe.

I’m going to school in September. It’s going to be 4 years. It’s going to cost me probably upwards of $40,000, and I have NO IDEA what it will look like on the other side of that. There is no guarantee for a career, because I’m simply 1 of thousands not only in the same general industry, but same program, in my region.

I am a .00001 out 100%. That is, worthless. And I’m going to pay, to render myself crippled in debt, because I want to get drunk at frat parties while drawing on my computer for a living? Maybe I can still do that without paying a school to show me how. I have a feeling I don’t need an education system to have an education. I have a feeling that the capitalists, and capitalism that I scoff and mock and blame for all my problems, lives and thrives at it’s most cruel and infinitely greedy in the education sector.

Colleges are robbery. They spend 18 years telling you you won’t get a job without a college degree, but that you can do anything you want to do (because they have a degree for that), then they charge you an absurd amount for it, then you don’t get a job anyway, because you can’t do whatever you want. Everyone forgets, when it comes to themselves, that a capitalist, free society like ours requires the uneducated grunt on the assembly line as well as the creative starbuckaneer with chinos strutting down Front St.


I read this. Terrible timing, because I’ve whined to all of my friends about this for the last 4 months while I’ve been indecisive about going to school in September. It’s reinforcing all of my opinions and detest for University. Maybe I’m smart enough to see the scam, but not smart enough to avoid it. Who knows.


3 thoughts on “Walking off a Cliff: University

  1. The value of university depends on what you want to do.

    If you’re going into something in demand, particularly the STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) than a degree will likely be valuable.

    You’re about me says you’re a graphic designer. If that’s what you want to do and there’s a market for graphic designers, a degree might not be bad.

    On the other hand, from what I understand of graphic design, it is mostly freelance work (I might be wrong). If you are already know how to do graphic design and are good at it, why not spend a year or two trying your hand at starting off your own graphic design business. If it works, it’ll be much cheaper than college and if it doesn’t work out you can go to college at age 20 rather than 18, which, in the long run, is not a big deal plus you have some good life experience.

    Or you can try starting your own side business while in college to increase your odds of being employed when college ends.

    • Thanks. I’ve thought about a lot of this already, I’m just too indecisive to ever commit to one path. I’ll probably end up letting the system decide and just go, taking jobs while I’m in school. But you’re right, a lot of the work is freelance, which means it’s going to depend on my initiative 100%.

      • I went along with the system and believe me, it’s better to start taking initiative early as there comes a point where taking initiative becomes much harder.

        It has turned out more or less fine, but there were some rough points and some regrets, and it could have turned out a lot better.

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