Danny Brown, My Boy

So I just go around to listening to some Danny Brown mixtapes, and this kid is solid. His rap is tight, with some really clever, illustrative stuff. And the content/context is pretty awesome. It’s like Middleclass, Detroit, Black Dude rap. Pac Blood is the shining gem on XXX.

Radio Song is another instant classic, salting his contemporaries by bringing some unique opinions to a genre and industry built around the church of the “hit single”.

His voice is also a distinguishing factor, letting his subject go from whimsical BS (Like I Will) to mockery (In Radio Song) and serious stuff (in Pac Blood) with it all feeling natural. His lyrics aren’t super clever like Drake, but they’re smart, and they give you the image you need to really get the bar.

The production is basically exactly what it needs to be in this rap environment – covering old cartoon samples, to some wubby EDM stuff, and basic fun, cool sounds.

It’s all very tight on the XXX, much better than mixtapes need to be. Give a it a listen, and let me know what you guys think.

Oh, and if you’re wondering where you might have heard his name; it’s probably his association with A$AP Mob (he was featured in a Peter Rosenberg mixtape is as well not long ago).

Now I gotta figure out who the hell RVDXR KLVN is.


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