New Perspectives on Sculpture

cavehouseWe tend – I tend – to think of sculpture as being three dimensional works, standing or sometimes hanging in a gallery. Sculpture often is that, but if we think for a minute, everything is in three dimensional space, even a painting, and although a painting may not be a sculpture, it’s frame may very well be.

I’m not going to Google the definition of sculpture, not this time, simply because I think Drew Tyndell already explained to me that it’s not as simple as 3D.
His sculptures are made of wood – his latest series is looking into buildings and structures. They are flat, but they have a lot of abstract perspective too them, and it’s eye catching and a little mind-melting.

More important than just how it looks, I find myself wondering how it was made, and more so eager to try it myself. My favorite part of design is how much of it you can do if you spend any time near a junk yard.

Check out his website and tell me what you think.


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