BibliOdyssey: Journey into the Past

Design is integral, or to be more accurate, inherit in everything that was ever made by a thinking being. I believe that. There are some obscure examples, and there are more obvious ones, and BibliOdyssey may lean to the latter, but I think people don’t realize how sophisticated and thoughtful a lot of work was very long ago.

The precision of a pencil or pen mark is staggering to me – I could never imagine myself laying out elaborate, 18th century fountain plans by hand. It sounds ridiculous to me. Ironically, it’s the natural movement of a pencil that probably allows it to have all it’s nuances. And it’s a skill I hope to learn.
BibliOdyssey thrives on classic design and art, it’s a blog dedicated to the interesting and beautiful work of our ancestors, which I found via ffffound. A recent post on the work of Isidro Velasquez caught my attention because they weren’t just paintings or drawings – they were designs. The renderings include the interiors of the fountains, various angles and really thoughtful plans on buildings, signs and windows even.

The work, besides being revealing, is actually quite beautfiul, and if you can’t appreciate it for it’s design aspects, well you can definitely appreciate it for it’s aesthetic appeal.

Check it out and let me know what you think.


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