Design as a Commodity

When’s the last time a Child’s coat hanger costed 200 british pounds? Design is important, but more importantly, I think it should make things cost less rather than more. And if it costs more, it better be because the design enabled it be worth that much more.

I’ve heard the name “Eames” enough times this semester, and I haven’t looked into the couple yet, but it sucks that the first thing I saw of theirs besides a chair was a coat hanger for kids. It looks great. It doesn’t look like it cost £200. It’s 49.95, maybe.

Not to fault the well loved lovers, but maybe their estate. Design today is considered a commodity; it’s why Apple can charge 50% more and still get their components from Foxconn. I think that’s wrong. Design should be thoughtful in EVERY regard. Or as much as possible before it’s impacting the ultimate usefulness of the solution ens creatum. It should at least be thoughtful in it’s price, and honest, because in my opinion, making design a quality to be attached to items to enhance it’s shelf value is the antithesis of design. That’s excessive and unnecessary use of resources. Be fair, be honest. Be thoughtful.

Designers are the link between abstract thoughts and tangible things, and we have a responsibility to not make our world one of excessiveness. That’s what’s killing it.

I realize at this point, this hanger is being sold for novelty rather than function, and so it’s price is for a collector – but there are many new items that get a premium because it was ‘designed’ (or the label said so). Step into any quirky shop that sells stationery and tell me any pen or pen accessory in there is worth what the packaging says. Do a Google search of the cost of the components inside an iPhone. The Jambox, is not worth $199. That’s just a fact.

Thought I had to say something. Tell me what you think.


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