Times are a Changing

Around Clock

Clocks and watches are one of my favorite items to see rethought. Clocks have always been such a timeless, readily identifiable object, a staple of wrists and walls all over. Their design and appearance largely goes unchanged, and even today the changes are often subtle details to make them distinct. Longer or shorter hands, strange colors, interesting designs on the face.

I have an imaginary watch collection in my dreams to compliment my modest and tiny real collection, and I have a concept for a wall clock design I hope to one day put together. But as clever as I hope I am, I am not this clever.

Around Clock

The Around Clock from Lexon, which I found on amerrymishapblog.com (via Swiss Miss ) is just that little bit more clever that makes it worth looking twice at. And it’s more than a simple graphic on the face, or interesting new hour hand.

The cylinder rotates while the red marker stays still, so don’t worry about needing to place it in the middle of the room or something. Anthony Dickens is the mind behind it, and you can read his thought process on the clock here.

Around Clock

Let me know what you think, and if you know of any interesting clocks or watches, feel free to post them!


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