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Poster I made of all the recurring (twice or more) actors in Paul Thomas Anderson movies and who they’ve worked with. Pretty enough to post even if I can’t read it.

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Inspiration Post 1


As part of my Interactivity class this year, I’m being asked to keep a journal of inspiration. I thought today I would cover someone’s work who both inspires me, and reinforces my sources of inspiration. He’s also a frightening monster of a man who deserves to burn in hell, but who am I to judge when it comes to love?

Eric Gill at Goldmarkart.com

Eric Gill is a type designer, but more a sculptor, engraver, catholic and incestuous pedophile. His typefaces are all very elegant and clean, speaking with and too the spirit of his inspirations; the church and temple art. You can see in his work a supervillain-esque obsession.


His engravings vary from having slight detail to immense detail, presenting scenes of his imagination and those chronicled in his holy book, many with an erotic twist. This mentality seems to be present in all his work, and although his over sexxed nature seems absent in his namesake typeface, Gill Sans, the fact that it is so contradictory to his once secret nature, is almost as telling. They say art is the lie that reveals the truth.


Keep Calm

keepbrokenrecordI was getting really tired of the “Keep Calm and Carry On” you see a lot these days. It’s actually cooled down since I first thought this up, but as per my usual, I never got around to it, and the minute there was homework to do, I decided to work on totally not time-pertinent, completely unnecessary pet-projects.

So I did this just now. Instead of 2 assignments due tomorrow morning. There goes my sleep. But, seeing as I haven’t posted here in forever, this should cover the… month.

I’ll probably repurpose the record player I made for the assignments I’m working on. May as well.

Let me know what you think/if it at least made you “heh”.

Tiger Need

I am a huge Street Figter fan. And a huge fan of Sagat. A.K.A. the King, A.K.A. the Tiger.
So this is an idea i’ve been toying around with. The hardest part is making your own tiger pattern. But I’m worried with all of the negative’d out stripes, sagat would be unrecognizable. But then again, it’s kind of wicked that way. They’re not all identical, so if you think you prefer the orientation of the stripes in one over the others, let me know!

UPDATE: An attempt to make him more recognizable/just another way of looking at it: