This page is going to be filled with examples of work I’ve done in the creative/design field.

This is the original logo for the blog you’re on right now. I tried to create a logo that hid the second S at the start (I chose status because it was short and had good word associations, but the word ‘status’ with one S was taken. So I added one at the beginning).

The new one was designed to speak more to what SSTATUS was about, and to communicate more accurately what I wanted it to say. This is the new one, the one on the site.

Here is another version where I was more concerned with style then actually communicating my intentions, i.e. when I didn’t know much:

This is a PDF of Advertising materials I made for the blog, as part of a project for my Computer Applications course last semester. Just click to view: SStatusMaterials

Here is a logo for a friends website, 1luvmagazine.com, it’s recently been growing and I’m going to be doing more. I tried to get the spirit of the magazine in it as much as I could. The thrasher looking text, the gravel background, etc:

After sometime I revisited the logo. Decidedly much better, but not quite complete. In the original logo, I wanted a texture that recalled extreme sports. I used a concrete texture with filters. It was on the way but not nearly what it should have been. For this next attempt:


I wanted a more… ‘animated’ look. It was to look like it was designed, not a picture taken, but clean, and clear. I think I hit those marks pretty well. The griptape texture I made myself, as well as the screws. This is his banner today.

On my blog you can already find some personal design work of mine, but here it is again:

“Tiger Stripes” is an incomplete design, centring around the character Sagat from the Street Fighter video games. The idea here is to communicate his silhouette and his personality, his alias being “The Tiger”:


The trick was making my own tiger pattern. I don’t know any tigers and of course I wasn’t going to use someone else’s photo (frankly, that wouldn’t serve my purposes properly anyway), so I made my own.


This next work, “Expendable”, is a part of a new approach I’m taking to my design, sort of the devil’s advocate of imagery. Depending on who you are or where you’re standing, you can interpret it differently, thanks to it’s basic imagery and word use. I hope anyway. If it’s successful, time will tell.


“Lamb’s Blood” is a series/brand idea I came up with, out of my usual “controversial” contrivance. It’s religious in it’s message but pop-cultured in it’s delivery. A work in progress.


This next clickable is a website layout for a project me and a group of friends are developing. The website covers esports and esports news. We’re trying to develop a focused and mature look at the world of esports, devoid of the childish connotations video games may carry, and infused with the all the science fiction flair we could muster. This wireframe also includes a more ‘tactile’ looking design we opted not to use. Take a look here.

The logo for the site has gone through many developments, and is still undecided. Here are some ideas I’ve come up with:

DSlogoconcepts DtowerConcepts

These PDFs are movie posters I made for a class, the task was to communicate a mood and genre of a film using only text, texture, and color. Click to viewsongukoposter 2girls1gun

I spent a short time at Bell, where I made flyers for a local retail location, hoping to increase their numbers after the new year. I made a few different types.

bellflyerMarBetter bellflyerMarMobilityBetter bellflyer2 bellflyer


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